The first entry to this site poses the question… Are you in the mood to walk with me across the line?

But what is that line?

This is that line. This site, these words, these thoughts…this is the line between shivering in the cold and warming by the fire, this is the line between good and evil, naughty and nice, pleasure and pain, leather and lace.  This is the line between those who want and those who take.  The line between those who need and those who have.  The line between those who are satisfied and those who desire.

These words are the fire that was stolen from the gods, and like the Greek god Prometheus I offer you a gift that will forever alter the way you think and live, these words will burn a hole through your soul through which your passion, your desire, your longing, all of your repressed urges will escape.   I am the bearer of that fire…the benefactor who will forever change the way you view the world.  These words are the line that represent the desire that you’ve spent a lifetime avoiding, a lifetime suppressing, a lifetime regretting.  These words will show you that line, place it in plain sight and then show you exactly how to cross it and embrace the world you walk into on the other side.

Come…walk with me across that line…I promise you won’t be disappointed.

-Malcolm Lloyd